3 Sure Signs You WILL Find Someone!

One of my favorite single phrases—one I’ve uttered lots myself—was “I’m never going to find anyone.”

Your true match is out there, too! (Image: AS)

Your perfect match is out there, too! (Image: AS)

And if you’ve said it, you know it comes with the same exhausted tone you say other things like that: “I’m never going to get all this work done.” “I’m never having another drink as long as I live” or “I’m never going to live this down.” Of course, you know what happens: You get the work done. You have another drink (sometimes a Bloody Mary right then, to wash the pain of those last ones away). And because people’s attention spans are shorter than you think, you always live it down.

Which is why I know in love, you will find your half-orange. Here are three sure signs that I speak the truth:

1. You’re freaking, uh, awesome. Is there anyone else who talks like you? (Yet probably still hates the way you sound in a tape recording as much as you do?) Is there anyone else who dances like you, eats like you, sings, writes, or smirks like you? Not even close. You’re one of a kind. We all are. And every one of a kind has a great match to balance us out. You just may not have met yours yet. But as awesome as you are…you will.

2. You care enough to worry you won’t meet someone…which is a good sign! You know what they say: The true sign you’re over something (or some-dumb-ass-one) is not passionately saying you’re over it or them, but feeling true indifference. And indifference isn’t going to get you love. What will? Deeply desiring it in your heart and expecting you deserve. Your passion for love is a sign that when it comes, you’ll make it great.

3. The right person takes time. Dreams don’t happen overnight—as much as it may seem like they do. Hello, did you know that Katy Perry, the pop rock star, was signed and dumped by three record labels before she finally hit it big with her, ahem, “overnight” hit song “I Kissed a Girl”? Great things come with a little time, a lot of thought, and the stars aligning. So let this time you’re single teach you a few things about yourself each and every day, and look at the delay as a great sign that you’re not going to end up with just anyone—you’re going to end up with an absolutely perfect someone for you.

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