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Babe Ruth: A Dating Strategy?

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Now, I’m no sports expert, but I heard a stat the other day that I loved so much, I have to pass it on.

Up or down, he does it swinging.

Up or down, he does it swinging.

Never mind that I first heard about the stat from a contestant on Survivor named Russell who is so fun to watch, I’m counting the days until CBS on Thursday. And never mind that sports fans are all over the web arguing the finer points of Babe’s numbers and what they really mean. But the fact is this:

Babe Ruth was the greatest home run hitter of his time. But he also had a lot of strikeouts: He struck out nearly twice as much as he hit a home run.

To be specific, Babe hit 714 home runs and he had 1330 strikeouts. Of his up at bats, 24% resulted in strikeouts (compared to the league average of about 12%). It’s been pointed out that this is because it’s a strategy as a batter—that to make more big hits, you have to take more big swings. But that’s exactly the part I like best! It’s true in life, in love, in dating: If you want more big hits, you have to take more big swings.

You can take it literally if you want: That if you want to go on more dates, ask or accept more often. But it’s true in general, too. Put your spirit out there more, too. Put yourself out there in life. Step forward, out of the box. Show people who you are, proudly. Who cares if you miss or you blow it or some people don’t respond with total awe about who you really are? At least you’ll know that you’re putting your all into being you.

Bring the hope back into your life, each time you step up to your day. There’s only one way you’re going to get a home run out of it like Babe so often did, and that’s by swinging.

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