You’re mad-about-able!

I’ve got to give it to my BFF Todd Bush for this one. Todd’s always good at coming up with juuust what you want to hear when you need to hear it. And when our friend Katy was lamenting her state of single-hood yesterday, Todd was ready to bounce her back to her state of awesome-ness.

You're bursting with madly wonderful stuff (Image by: Ken Spencer)

You're bursting with wonderful stuff (Image by: Ken Spencer)

“I just don’t understand why I can’t find anyone I fit with,” said Katy. “I want to meet someone who’s totally, utterly, mad about me.”

“You will,” said Todd.

“How do you know?” asked Katy.

“Because,” he said, “you’re mad-about-able.”

When they told me about that conversation, I felt as happy as Katy did to hear it. The truth is, we’re all mad-about-able in our own ways. Each of us has qualities that some guy or some girl will go absolutely nuts to be near. I talk about this in Meeting Your Half-Orange: Those things that may turn some people off now—your funny turkey dance, your terrible parallel parking, your bizarre peanut-butter combination sandwiches, your messing up on joke punch lines, or your laugh-snort when someone gets it right—these are not “buts” to be reckoned with, they’re bonuses! And the right person won’t like you in spite of those things, they’ll love you because of those things.

It’s the unique qualities in all of us that make us not just like-able, but mad-about-able. So keep doing your dance and laughing your snort and tell the world you’re ready for the person who’ll be mad for all of it. And  if they’re smart enough to be yours, they’ll snatch you up for good.

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