VITAMIN OPTIMISM: Let Down Your “Dating Caution Tape”

Green PillYour dose for today…

Let down the caution tape and get close to the good stuff (Image: Amy Spencer, the Taga Blowholes, Samoa)

“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.” —Bertrand Russell

I know, I know. You’ve been hurt. You’ve had loves and lost them. You’ve put yourself out there and not gotten anything in return. Never mind hurt, you don’t want to get that poor heart even pinged with a paperclip. And so you’re cautious. You don’t let anyone in unless you’re 100% certain they’re not going to hurt you. Well, guess what? There is no guarantee like that. In fact, even the people we trust most in our lives—our families, best friends—can hurt us, and sometimes, even without meaning to, do just that.

So sure, take caution in the practical matters of dating and love: Meet in a public place, don’t give out your address, don’t invite people over you don’t know well like a Craigs List Killer Part Deux. But in the emotional matters, remove the big yellow dating caution tape in your mind, loosen up, smile and warmly reach out to make a connection. Walk on the edge of the good stuff, and don’t be afraid to get close. Real love requires open arms and an open mind, not a blocked path. Give yourself the chance to find it.

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