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“Hope never abandons you; you abandon it.” —George Weinberg

A kite surfer on Ditch Plains beach. (Image: Amy Spencer)

Hope is one of those words—like freedom—that is so hard to grasp. And even harder to draw in Pictionary. But one thing is true about it: If you hold onto it, even through the rough times, it will keep pulling you back up to happiness. Have you ever seen a kite surfer out on the ocean? They head out on surfboards into big, stormy waves on windy days and then hold onto their kite for life. Sometimes, the wind takes them smashing into a big wave where they wipe out in the surf; but because they’re holding onto that kite, they’re lifted back up in no time. And a few waves later, they’re airbound, flying over waves like they’d never fallen down.

Life and dating will take you up and down. But through it all, try not to abandon your hope. Picture it as your own love kite, the one thing you may not feel like grabbing onto sometimes, but the one thing that will lift back up when you most need it.

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