The Turtle Twosome

Relationships are all about leaning on each other, right? Well, the same way we practice piano before a big concert, I think it’s good practice to start leaning on people in life before your big relationship. Sometimes you will need them, and sometimes they will need you.

For a little reminder of that today, here’s a video my Mom forwarded me that is short but sweet. It’s a little example of how we all sometimes need someone else—that every so often we can’t do it alone. After seeing this today, I’m going to start thinking about people in my life who may need me, and about how I can let my husband and friends and family be needed in return. Real love is always a give and take. And these turtles (and some Michael Bolton, yo) can help us remember that:

I say, let’s all look for some people that are a little turned-over today, right? It’ll help us take the focus off how topsy turvy we are, and it’ll feel and be good for us to remember how important it is to give when someone needs—just like the love you’ll have with your half-orange.

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Big love,