The Duet You’re Dating For

My Mom passed along this video to me, and I just had to pass it along to you…

Key for Two: The Cowans (Image: YouTube)

Key for Two: The Cowans (Image: YouTube)

The story is that this older couple, Marlow and Frances Cowan, walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and spotted a piano. The sign on it essentially said, “If you’d like to play it, play it.” And so they did. He—Marlow—is 90, and they’ve been married for 62 years.

It just goes to show you that if you click with the right partner, and keep a wonderful attitude, a fun and longlasting love future could be yours.

Here, take a look at what 62 years of partnership can look like in the right piano-tapping fingertips:
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