The Glass Slipper Theory

I received a copy of a book called The Real Secrets Women Only Whisper and found in it a bit of sage dating wisdom I liked.

Some secrets are worth sharing

In one section, author Donna Estes Antebi talks about what she calls “The Glass Slipper Theory,” in love, explaining that if that glass slipper doesn’t fit, then he’s not your prince. (And guys, glass boots sometimes don’t fit either.) “Getting along with each other shouldn’t be difficult, especially in the beginning of a relationship,” says Antebi. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve heard too many women and men talk about how proud they are of surviving as a couple even though they fight all the time and butt heads all the time. If you’re having those issues in the first three years, can you imagine how the next thirty will feel? What kind of life is that? So take these wise words from Antebi:

As much as you want to be Cinderella, you can’t stretch a glass slipper. If the slipper doesn’t easily fit, you will find that trying to walk in them on the rocky road of life only gets increasingly difficult as the years go by. Somewhere along the way, the slipper is bound to break.”

Whether you’re a Cinderella or a Cinder-fella, the advice still holds true: Getting along shouldn’t be a battle. Look for the relationship that makes it all feel easy.

Have you ever found yourself sucked into one of those relationships? The ones where the slipper didn’t fit and you tried far too hard to try to make it so?

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