Plug in Headphones. Turn up. Press Play. Let Happy Flow!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

My friend Brandon, who works in the music industry, blasted this song for me over a year ago. I have now Shazam-ed it three times on my iPhone in my car. Three times. The third time was today, at which point I turned it up super loud, opened the windows, smiled, and danced in my front seat all the way home. So if you don’t already know this song “Young Blood” by The Naked and the Famous, it’s time you did.

Are you ready? Plug in your headphones. Turn up the volume. Press play. Then let the happy flow. The lyrics? No idea. And I’m too happy singing, “Yeah yeah yeah yeah…” to take a break long enough to look them up.


Here’s to music putting us on the fast-track to feeling good!

P.S.┬áIf you don’t know Shazam, holy cow! It’s an app that you can hold up to any song, and it will tell you the name of it in about ten seconds. Run, don’t walk, to the app store!

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