No More Drama!

When you’re single, sometimes drama really seems to come knockin’. You swear you don’t want any drama, you vow not to get involved with anyone who reeks of it, and the next thing you know, you’re in a weird situation, with somebody’s ex involved, texting to find out where you stand, and  wondering how it all turned to drama in the first place! Sigh.

Well, maybe this should be the year of no more drama, once and for all. I was reminded of this earlier today when I was listening to a song I could not love more: Drama by Bobby Digital — who is, as my Wu Tang-loving husband has taught me, a character offshoot of Wu Tang member The Rza. (Am I getting this all right? I’m still in Wu Tang 101!)


The tune—featuring some guy named Monk and this cool-looking singer named Thea—has an amazing melody and even better lyrics, the best of which say this:

“I like to keep my head up to the sky and ask myself why it has to be this way.

I like to live my life in peace and health, not to worry about all the dramas of the day.”

If you haven’t already clicked on the link above to watch the video on You Tube, you should. Go ahead, I’ll be waiting right here. Even though the song is about the struggle of life in the hood, the message that rings through is for all of us who find ourselves struggling, striving and trying to live a happy life. I promise, you will love this song. In fact, I’m still unsure why this wasn’t a huge hit when it came out, but you’ll want to buy it. In fact you can get the song here on iTunes!

But more important, listen to the message: Stop focusing on the dramas of the day. Aim to live a life of health, peace and calm. Keep your head up and ask for it, and you can get it. And you’ll be so undramatically glad you did.

Big love,

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