Nick Cannon: “Speak It Into Existence!”

I have to thank a Meeting Your Half-Orange reader for this one: Andrea sent me a note about how she’s started the book, and is hopeful about it working, though she does have to convince herself of it.

Nick got what HE wanted in can you (Image: Shore File Photo)

Nick got what HE wanted in can you (Image: Shore File Photo)

“Even though I believe in the power of positive thinking (I’ve seen it happen for my friends numerous times), I think I’m kind of a pessimist at heart, no matter how sunny my disposition is,” says Andrea. “Yes, I’m single, I have been for a year now, but I think that this positive thinking thing can work for my WHOLE life, not just my love life.”

And as a further push to believe in the positive, Andrea sent me this link she’d come across, to an msnbc article about Nick Cannon, the singer, performer, actor, TV judge, and CEO of Nickelodeon’s teen channel—and Mariah Carey’s husband. The piece says, essentially, that Nick feels he’s gotten everything he’s wanted in life so far by believing he could have it and saying that he’ll get it. Sounds just like how my book, Meeting Your Half-Orange begins. Believe, say you want it, and you’ve started yourself on the path to getting it.

Here is how Nick Cannon put it:

“I truly believe in speaking things into existence. Not to get all Tony Robbins, but you speak it, and it can definitely happen to you.”

And as the article pointed out, he didn’t just do this in business; he did this in his love life, too. “For years,” the article says, “Cannon would tell any interviewer who asked that his celebrity crush was Mariah Carey.” It led to presenting awards with her, and a business meeting in 2008.

“I put on my good cologne,” Cannon said, “did some push-ups. Tried to get my grown-man look on.”

It obviously worked. Nick and Mariah are now married. And he’s not stopping there:

“I wanna be a billionaire in five years,” says Nick. “It can happen. I’m speaking it into existence!”

Well, whatever it is you want in love, speak that into existence, too. Learn from Nick Cannon. He got the girl of his dreams. And he’s gotten the career he was after, too. If you want a healthy relationship, do as Nick does: Announce what you want with all the determination and hopefulness you can muster and watch the world bring it straight to you.

And as for Andrea, if she can discover strength like this in others, she can find it in herself—and so can you.

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