Is that a pig flying up there? a.k.a. I made my first optimism video

I’ve always been a little hesitant about doing video posts. I guess because I’m so used to writing quietly by myself, it’s the fear of sounding stupid when you can see me face-to-face. But the truth is, some things are better said than written. And because even if you may not know me personally, I want you to feel like you do, because the stuff we talk about together—you know, love, heartbreak, fear, loss—well, it’s pretty dang personal.

And so I bring you my new video tab here on The Life Optimist. It’s straight up above you there, between my “About” page and “Let’s Talk.” See it? But in case you didn’t know that was there, here’s my first video!

If you’re thinking about what you’re looking for in another person, I challenge you this…


If you enjoyed that, check in on the video tab now and then for some new ones. And if you didn’t enjoy it, maybe if I send you some cookies you’ll change your mind?

Big love,

You’ll also be able to keep up with current videos as I make them on my YouTube channel