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Optimism Tips to Try Now.

How a Happy Life Checklist Can Change Your Life!

If you have two minutes, find out a profoundly simple  secret about how happiness really works, so that you can feel happier instantly. As in today, right now.


A happy life checklist can, truly, change your life.

And if you’re inspired by the video and want more ideas on how to savor the small moments of happiness every day—in areas of love, grace, confidence, vitality and delight among others, for a life of true, balance and bliss—grab the book that inspired it today! Grab The Happy Life Checklist: 654 Ways To Find Your Bliss on


Watch my BRIGHT SIDE UP Book Trailer!

And if it moves you, pass it on. We all deserve to live a happier, more positive life. And as you’ll see from this video and my book BRIGHT SIDE UP: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now itself, it doesn’t take all that much to make a happy life come true for you.


How to Be More Positive!

People often say “I want to be more positive,” but they’re not sure how to actually make it happen, right? Well, I know how to make it happen.

Here’s my tip on how to eliminate one very important word from your vocabulary and replace it with language that can help you change your life for the better instead!

My new video tip: How to have a great and positive conversation with anyone!

The key to this tip? Have a “Greatest Hits” conversation. In this short clip, I explain what that means and how this particular kind of conversation can make any chat—on a date, at a party, in an interview—easier and far more fun.

Holy yowzer, it’s my first video tip!

So, I finally decided to dip my toes in some new waters and post my first video tip. Why? Because I wanted to share this dating tip I’ve been telling lots of singles lately. So if you’re single and thinking about what you want in a relationship, I have an idea that will change your single life for the better. Enjoy! And, uh, will you go easy on this first one for me? 🙂


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