Feeling like you “Blew it?”

When I talk to single friends or clients I’ve coached about their past relationships and dating experiences, one thing often comes up: The feeling that, somehow, somewhere, they blew it. And we’ve all had that feeling for some reason, right?

Author Marianne Williamson

Author Marianne Williamson

Maybe you said something to a boyfriend or girlfriend that led to a breakup. Maybe you didn’t admit your feelings to a friend you liked and they started dating someone else instead. And, man, nothing is worse than that feeling of regret. It sits like a rock in your stomach, and turns over in circles when you think about it, making you want to upchuck the whole experience and do it all over.

Well, that’s not how life works, of course. We can’t re-do the past—but we can affect the future and make sure we don’t re-do our mistakes all over again. This past week, I went to see Marianne Williamson speak in L.A., and of the many brilliant things she said, this was one of them:

“What’s worse than, “I blew it”? “I blew it again. And I knew better.”

Since you can’t change your past, be conscious today and this weekend of learning from the times you think you think you “blew it.” If you think you blew it with an ex by nagging or pushing him, work on your communications skills for your next relationship. If you think you blew it with someone you liked by not making a move, work on your confidence. And if you think you’ve blown it by choosing the same lame types of partners in the past (the hot one instead of the nice one, the cool one instead of the smart one, the clingy one instead of the independent one) then choose more wisely the next time.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve blown it in the past. We’ve all felt the rock of regret. But as Marianne Williamson says, let go of the past and just do it right this time. You know better now. Do it right the way you know you can.

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