Be Your Own Superhero!

When French photographer Sascha Goldberger realized that his 91-year-old grandmother Frederika seemed depressed and lonely in her old age, and he wanted to cheer her up. So he did the natural thing: He turned her into a Superhero.

From the "Mamika" series by Sascha Goldberger

Here is the link to Grandma’s Superhero Therapy, the story about Sascha and his grandmother which includes the eighteen photo series “Mamika,” of his grandmother in full Superhero regalia, lifting cars, stopping cars and flying.

It turns out, Sascha has said, that simply by acting like a Superhero, his grandmother came out of her funk, and has felt happier, more alive and less depressed than she was. It’s a reminder to all of us: Sometimes, you have to put on the costume of someone who is happier and larger than life, and soon enough, you’ll start feeling like you are.

The series was such a success, by the way, that Sascha has taken more photos of his grandmother, which you can see posted on Frederika’s MySpace page he created for her, in the new book Mamika on or in the art show Wanted currently up in Paris. I say, let it be your inspiration in life and love today to pull out the big guns.

Put on the figurative cape and start acting like you are someone worthy of Superhero admiration. Sitting home and waiting for a call or a text or an invite to a party where maybe someone will finally come talk to you is no way to engage with life and get what you want. Take life by the horns, put on a helmet like Mamika, and head into it with strength and bravery. Even if you feel like you’re playing a role at first, that’s okay. As psychologists say, “Act as if.” As business motivators say, “Fake it til you make it.”

If you start acting like a strong, worthy, amazing, incredible person, you’ll start realizing how much you really are. Find the Superhero in you!

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