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“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.” —Frank Tyger

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How often we look outside of ourselves for solutions that we’re the answer to, right? When we want to lose weight, we can look to super diets and cleanses instead of eating less and working out more. When we’re not getting where we want to be at work, we can blame the boss, chide the system. And when we want love, it seems easier sometimes to point to the lack of partners, the flaws of dating. But the truth is, our futures depend not just on what’s coming at us, but also on how we approach our future. In fact, mostly on how we approach our future.

Use this to your advantage in every way: You have the power to change how you feel about your life and your love prospects. You have the power to see yourself and your life in a brighter light. You can be the happy, strong, wise, driven, hilarious wonderful person you want to be in love now—and you should be. Your love future depends on it.

A big thanks to writer Bobbi Plum Palmer who forwarded this quote on.

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