Are you seeing the signs?

A friend showed me this image the other day and it made me laugh out loud:

But when I was done laughing, I did think to myself: Man, how many times do we feel like it’s a bad sign and do it anyway? You know…

We notice a red flag on a date (he got up four times to whisper into his phone in the corner!) and yet we keep dating them until the flag is the size of a highway billboard.

We don’t get a good feeling from the doctor (she didn’t even say hello!) but we go back to her anyway and aren’t that surprised when she prescribes the wrong medication.

We hear the car making a strange noise but he says to ignore it (is that “check engine” light really always on?) and then kick ourselves when the car overheats six miles from town.

The point is, life is giving us signs all the time. They’re not signs on the side of the road—they’re signs within us, physiological reactions to what we may not even realize we’re noticing. Our minds have spent a lifetime learning on our behalf, so we owe ourselves the respect to listen our gut! The more we pay attention to our gut instincts, follow our hearts and read the signs, the happier we’ll be.

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