VITAMIN OPTIMISM: How Much Feelings Matter

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“Indeed, feelings don’t just matter—they’re what mattering means.” —Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness

How does this make you feel? That's what you can tune into. (Image: AS)

Sometimes, people who wonder where to go in love turn to logic for the answer. Logic just seems like a more reasonable way to assess a situation, right? By framing the potential of a relationship like a business plan, you’re more likely to end up with a clear-cut answer. But guess what? Love don’t work like that. Love isn’t logical, never was.

What matters more is what’s pulled from the other parts of your brain, the emotional parts. Those are the parts that take every relationship you’ve ever had, every hurt you’ve ever felt, every smile you’ve ever grinned, that take your pride, your hope, your pain, your struggles, your fears, your tastes and your dreams, and rolls them up into a warm package that comes out of you in a way that defies logic and language. Those are your feelings, your instincts, your gut. Do you love him? Well, what do your feelings say? That’s what matters. As Gilbert says, that’s what mattering means.

Have you ever been steered wrong by trusting your instincts and tuning into your feelings—or have you ever been steered right?

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