Are You Looking For the Rainbows?

You may have seen or heard about this video. A friend posted this on Facebook the other day, and I had a good laugh along with this guy as he discovers a double rainbow in his front yard, and doesn’t hold back his excitement.

Here’s the video:

Guy Gets Ecstatic Over Double Rainbow – Watch more Funny Videos

Yeah, he’s gone a bit bonkers with his enthusiasm, but I think it’s good for us to see and hear others in a state of total and utter happiness. This man is in awe, laughing, shouting and crying in joy over seeing a double rainbow in his front yard—a feeling so strong he basically has a spiritual experience with it (or, uh, some other experience.)

But guess what? That’s what life is about! Living for those times when you feel blessed and gloriously happy. If you haven’t felt something even close to this lately, I think it’s worth trying to find something that will make you “Ooh” and “Ahh” and “Oh my God” yourself to bliss. The more you do in life to feel this way, the more you’ll be connecting with your happiest self, which is what is going to draw the right partner to you. Look for the rainbows. And don’t hold back your excitement either.

Have you found something like that lately? What makes you as happy as you can be?

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