Your Secret Dating Weapon: Rest

Hola Dating Optimists!

I almost want to apologize for not being live this week, but I had good reason: I was sick as a perro. (I finally learned some Spanish in Argentina—hooray!—and “dog” was one of them). As sometimes happens after a whirlwind experience, the minute I landed back on home ground after taking nine flights and hitting eight cities in two countries, my immune system went on vacation and I ended up with a coldy, coughy, fevery, flu that had me horizontal on the couch every second I wasn’t doing paying work.

My kitty Minnie, who passed away last year, was a resting expert.

My kitty Minnie, who passed away last year, was a resting expert.

And as bad as I felt mentally for not saying hello to you all, I also knew that since I was so physically tired, the best thing I could do for the all of us was to rest. And it’s a message I want to pass along to you. Why? Because rest is vital in healing us in body, in spirit and in brain.

Think about it: on-third of every day is spent sleeping; in a 24-hour period, our bodies are meant to rest for eight of them. And in the classic Old Testament story of Genesis, God created light and sky and water and stars and meat and popcorn in the first six days, and on the seventh day. He rested. And it was, as they say, good.

As you date, you no doubt come across moments where you’re tired: Tired of arranging dates. Tired of physically getting ready for them. Tired of seeking out new places for new faces. Tired of hoping that each and every date might be The One. And tired of being disappointed when they’re not. And when you’re that tired, you know what you need? Rest.

Give yourself a gift this weekend: Let yourself off the hook. If you’re tired of planning, go rogue. If you’re tired of dolling up, go natural. If you’re tired of meeting new people, grab dinner with old friends. And if you’re tired of hoping for love, give yourself a break and rest.

When you’re sleeping, the organs revive and the brain takes a vacation and the body goes through a cycle of total rejuvenation so you can get back on the horse fresh and bold in the morning. Allow yourself the same with your love life. Rest in dating to revive and rejuvenate yourself so you can get back on the high-hoping love horse again. When you’re rested and ready, it will come.

Big love,

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