What Makes You Say: “I Love Me Some Me”?

Do you love you some you? Because to have a healthy relationship, it’s vital you do. If you want to be loved for who you are, you have to know why you love who you are.

You: Just as easy to find reasons to love. (Image by Amy Spencer)

That was the theme behind last week’s “Book and a Bikini” contest, for which we have our winner!

We want to congratulate Debbi F, whose name was selected in a random drawing yesterday. She loves “living by the ocean…it is incredibly beautiful during gorgeous weather, but also during coastal storms.” And now she can now love reading her paperback copy of Meeting Your Half-Orange and wearing her Kushcush Milla Bikini!

But I don’t want the love to end there. I want you to think today, right now, what makes you and your life unique and so worth loving. Here is some what your peers appreciate about themselves. Can you say…

I love my ability to make others around me laugh and feel comfortable in many situations.

I love my teeth…and the smile that sits in front of them!

I love my independence! I spent so much time growing up being worried about everyone else and their perception of me. But now, I feel like I can have my own opinions and voice them.

I love my nose. I used to hate it, its my dad’s nose, big and straight and strong, and I wanted a cute little ski jump nose like all the other girls. Now I think its perfect for my face and it distinguishes me from others. I’ve learned once you embrace something in your life, you begin to appreciate it more.

I love my creativity, especially my ability to cook and play guitar.

I love my faith!

I love the fact that at the age of 40 I’m in my final semester of college!

I love love my feet! I think they are the cutest part of my body.

I love that I have finally learned to “let go” and ALLOW wonderful people, events, things to come to me.

I love my ability to see past people’s flaws and recognize the good person that usually lies within them.

What I “love” most about myself is my ability to randomly wish people a good day when I go about my work or errands.

I love my quirky personality and ability to stay positive.

I love how much people underestimate me. It always feels good to to better or nicer or more-hardworking, etc. than someone expected.

I LOVE THE WOMAN I HAVE BECOME!! For so long I was overly critical of myself, always thinking that someday I would be the woman I had promised myself I’d become inside and out. Recently I woke up and realized that “someday” had arrived!!

I Love my Teeth, Smile and Friendly Personality!! I Love Me Some Me!!

There. Did that give you some ideas for reasons you should be loving you? Once you know what makes you a wonderful, lovable catch, other people will start to see that in you and want to be a part of your life. You know, like in that scene in When Harry Met Sally: “I’ll have what she’s having.” Think about what makes you say, as our last commenter did, “I Love Me Some Me!” And then, oh, they’ll love you.

Big love,