VITAMIN OPTIMISM: Have Love Courage!

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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore.”

—Andre Gide

Get on the love boat and don't look back!

Get on the love boat and don't look back!

We all know it’s important to be courageous. But sometimes we forget this is needed in love, too. Maybe the courage is obvious: Maybe you need to escape the relationship that’s beating down your soul, or  you have to let go of a hurt that’s holding you back. But courage in love can also be quietly necessary. Maybe your courage is needed in another way: Let go of the image you have in your head of the “perfect” relationship you always “pictured” as a kid. Maybe that white-picket-fence or planned-and-plotted relationship with a particular kind of person isn’t what’s meant for you.

Turn away from the shore and open yourself to a new future with a surprising partner and family, in a different kind of place that will make your heart burst in ways you never pictured were possible. If you don’t open your eyes to new possibilities, how will you ever recognize them? Have courage: Let go of the shore and head for the ocean to see the love that’s out there for you.

Big love,

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