Tiger Woods: Watch out for “See?! Syndrome”

There’s still a lot going down with the Tiger Woods story—he’s slept with two women, no…six women…hang on, make it twelve! Yet with each breaking news story, there’s one word I’m consistently  hearing from single women. That word is: See?!

Tiger Woods in his winning-er days. (Image: TheOnion.com)

Tiger Woods in his winning-er days. (Image: TheOnion.com)

For all those single women who were worried there were no good guys out there, they see this former “good guy” golf pro fall and say, “See?! There’s no such thing as a good guy.” For those who’ve been burned and believe that all men cheat, they look at the women who think true trust and monogamy exist and say, “See?! All men cheat!” I call this “See?! Syndrome” and, if left untreated, it can harm your future prospects for love.

If you’ve been thinking the same things this week, please, think again. One man does not the world make. There are some wonderful, trustworthy, loving, generous, kind and faithful men out there who are capable of a monogamous relationship. And, yes, those men can also be hot, handsome and sexy, too.

 But if all you’re doing is focusing on the men who cheat like Tiger, then what are you going to attract? A man who cheats like Tiger. Or, as the joke going around these days says, a cheetah. (Get it? A cheata’?)

So get thinking about the great men you know out there, and get focusing on what it will feel like to have one of them in your life. If you can imagine and focus on what it feels like to have a loving man who’ll vow to be—and will be—with you and you alone forever…well, then that’s exactly what you’ll attract.

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