The Motorcycle Lesson

My sister Liz has been a wise source of information for me these days. This time, the a-ha came when she was telling me about the motorcycle lessons she took two months ago.

Steer your life as you would your bike (Image: Yamaha Star VMax)

Steer your life as you would your bike (Image: Yamaha Star VMax)

She was laughing about how funny it is that when you get confused for a second about which way you’re supposed to turn or lean to make the bike do what it wants (in her case, make it around some orange cones in a parking lot), you need only follow the golden riding rule: Look where you want to go and the bike will steer you straight to it. And isn’t that a great rule for life and love? Look where you want to go.

It’s why, for instance, if we see an accident on the side of the road, we sometimes find ourselves driving straight into it. Or if we swear we won’t become attracted to a total player, we somehow end up embroiled in a hot affair with ’em. Our minds and our physical bodies draw us where we’re looking. So instead of using it to steer you toward the car crashes of life, why not use this to your advantage? If you want to be in a certain place in life—in the career or relationship of your dreams, or as a mother or father of a family—look where you want to go and you’ll be led straight to it.

Just do me a favor. Please wear a helmet.

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