The Couple I Admire Most

I love hearing about people who’ve made love work. Whether it’s people who’ve read the book and met their half-oranges, people who’ve run back into a former flame and found instant sparks, or those who’ve struggled through a brambles of a relationship and landed happily together and only mildly scathed on the other side.

But there’s one special couple I want to celebrate:

The couple who taught me what marriage means.

My parents, who are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary today! They’re a perfect orange—two half-oranges together—if I’ve ever seen one.

So I want to give them a big thanks and a huge digital hug today. It’s watching them communicate well and treat each other so kindly all these years that makes me confident that I can have a lifelong marriage of my own with my husband.

Now I want to ask you readers: Do you have a couple you can look up to like them? Maybe your own parents, a sibling or a good friend? When you’re feeling like life doesn’t have any good ones left and you’ll never end up in a happy relationship, it helps to look to a couple you admire for proof that you can have it. Let your inspirational couple remind you: Love is out there. And happy marriages can be had.

On another note, I’m in Japan for almost two weeks. But…I didn’t want to leave you dating optimists without something to turn to for a boost if you needed it! So, I’ve put together some doses of VITAMIN OPTIMISM for you. Check in at the site over the next two weeks for some inspiring quotes and my personal take on how they can guide you healthfully along the path to your half-orange.

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Big love,