Shouldn’t You Have This? Yes!

I was just chatting on Twitter with some of you about our favorite “music optimism” tracks, and I remembered a song that I used to love from Mary Chapin Carpenter called “Passionate Kisses.” It’s from her album Come On, Come On that came out in 1992, and is—I just found out—a cover of a 1988 Lucinda Williams song. Go figure. But the Mary Chapin version is the one I know and love.

If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll see how positive a message this is for your dating optimism. Give it a listen and take it to heart:

Like she sings…

Is it too much to ask
I want a comfortable bed that won’t hurt my back
Food to fill me up
And warm clothes and all that stuff
Shouldn’t I have this
Shouldn’t I have this
Shouldn’t I have all of this, and
Passionate kisses.

Yes, you should! You should have this! You should have all the good stuff, from a fulfilling career to a great meal to a comfy bed to a big wonderful love in your life that gives you butterflies when you kiss. You should have it all, and you can have it all. So ask.

Big love,