Ride into a Happy New You!

We’re not just on the verge of a new year, but a new decade. That’s big stuff, and you deserve big things in it! In 2010, I want you to ride straight into the life you want.

This decade, you deserve to feel absolutely fantastic! (Image: "Boy & Girl on Bike" by Gusto)

This decade, you deserve to feel fantastic! (Image: "Boy & Girl on Bike" by Gusto)

Instead of looking at your job as a drudgery, ask for a job that moves you…then start riding toward one that feeds your passion and makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning. Yes, those jobs exist. (My job is like that!) You can be in one, too. 

Instead of looking at your life as dead-end and dull, ask for a life full of vibrance and abundance…then ride straight into it.

And instead of looking at your dating life as a dead-end, pointless gesture, ask for and expect a relationship that brings out the best in you…then ride straight into it. Ask for a relationship in which you feel loved for all those special things that make you unique. Ask for a relationship that makes you shine!

A wonderful life doesn’t just happen to you. A wonderful life is something you create. And the same goes for a wonderfully true, adoring, deep, compatible relationship. Those don’t just drop on your doorstep. Those are created by you. Desire it, believe it can happen, and start imagining how incredible it will feel when you have it in your life.

Then start pedaling and give yourself the ride of your life. Happy New You!

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Big love and happy new year,

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