New Year’s Eve: You Never Know

My friend Amy just posted this on Facebook and I wanted to pass it to you. Because it fits into a mantra I write about in Meeting Your Half-Orange: Why you should give yourself the YNK Speech: You Never Know. Here’s the story Amy told:

Seventeen years ago, I ventured out to the city with friends on New Year’s Eve and waited on line in the freezing cold for an over-sold nightclub, only to meet the love of my life inside. Here is to cold nights and warm hearts.

Cheers to a New Year in Love!


You never know what can happen on New Year’s Eve, when people’s joy is out there and their hearts are open, and we all enjoy meeting new people to celebrate good times. And even if you don’t meet the love of your life inside some warm place tonight, you never know how who you meet tonight will affect your life tomorrow. You never know how one conversation, or one toast, or one smile, or one laugh with friends will change how you see your life, how you feel about love or what will come in your future.

So tonight: Open your eyes. Open your heart. Open the walls that might keep new people and new ideas out on other nights of the year. And ask the universe to get you one step closer to your true love in whatever way it can. Because you never know how one small step tonight will lead you to the biggest joy of your life: meeting your half-orange.

Big love and Happy New Year!