Is It Raining on Your Love Life?

When you’re single, it’s usually raining. It’s either raining great dates so hard you feel like life is dropping fun from the skies! Or, it’s raining on your dates, making your whole situation feel gloomy and damp. 

Where there's palm trees and rain...

Where there's palm trees and rain...

But after a full day of L.A. rain yesterday, it occurred to me that rain gets a bad rap. After all, where there’s rain, there’s growth. It’s true in falling H2O, and it’s true when you’re looking to fall in love. Rain, remember, can be a good thing! 

No matter how soggy you feel sometimes, how overcast your love life feels, it’s worth remembering that when the rain stops, life doesn’t just get back to normal—it gets better. With real rain, the grass grows, leaves sprout, flowers bloom. And in dating, the rain washes away all the crappy stuff. That “relationship” that consists of texting back and forth after 11 p.m.? You’re better off without it. That blind date you thought went well but they never called you to ask you for an encore? If they’re not into it, then you wouldn’t want to be with them either.

Rain gives you a clean slate. Today, look at it that way. Look at what can be washed from your dating life to make room for the good stuff. Because sometimes, at the end of it all is—like yesterday—a rainbow! I mean…how cute is that?

...comes palm trees and rainbows

...comes palm trees and rainbows!

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