It’s the National Moment of Chill!

That sounds great, doesn’t it? Not just a moment of chill, but a national one that we’re all in on? Well, it’s happening today, 12 noon, wherever you live. And I have to thank my positive pal Tara Drake for spotting it because I, for one, am in!

Picture yourself taking a time out on this bench. Ahhh, just chillin'. (Image: Hungtington Gardens, 2011, by Amy Spencer)

Here’s the deal: Aura Cacia, a maker of natural and organic essential oils, has identified today — January 23rd — as one of the most stressful days of the year, because our New Year’s resolutions are starting to slide, our credit card bills are in from the holidays, and the snowy, rainy days aren’t yet giving it a rest.

So here’s what they suggest: Today, at 12 noon, on whatever coast or whatever country you’re in, step away from your computer and take 15 minutes to chill out. I’m going to do it and I want you to join me! You know why? Because it’s time we took a moment to appreciate all of our own hard work, and sat back to enjoy what we’ve acccomplished — even just for a few minutes. That’s what happiness is all about! So set your iPhone alarm or your kitchen timer for 12 noon today. When it goes off, chill.

• Take some deep breaths.
• Stretch your arms up over your head, and bend over and stretch out your back and legs.
• Go for a short walk. Buy yourself a hot herbal tea or a flower to put on your desk.
• Or sit down in the park or lie down on a couch.

Whatever you do, do it away from your laptop.

Rest. Relax. Get happy.

Big love,