A “First” look at Meeting Your Half-Orange

We interrupt this offbeat advice-giving broadcast to share the first item of magazine press for my upcoming book, Meeting Your Half-Orange. Why? Because the more singles that read the book, the more happy, radiating people there will be out there, and the better the world will be because of it! Plus, this being my first book, I’m uber-excited about getting the word out.

Here’s the clip from the “Pocket Psychologist” section First for Women magazine:


They’re right: Having an optimistic view can attract your other half! Just remember, though, your positive views aren’t worth much if you don’t inject them with intense emotion and take some action—which is what the book explains exactly how to do. One things I especially love about this review that you can take with you today:

Think of butterflies. I know butterflies get a cliché rap sometimes, but the cycle of their lives is seriously miraculous and reflective of who we all are when we’re trying to enter a new phase of being. If you’re looking for your other half, make this the month of weaving yourself inside a blanket of feeling like the person you want to be in your dream relationship. Live in it, rest in it, and then, when you’re ready for your big relationship, open up and let yourself fly. Let the energy that’s been bubbling inside you bring your other half straight to you.

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