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“Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.”—Albert Einstein

A profile in Peru: Look to the blue sky breaking through in your future. (Image: Amy Spencer)

Man, as if Albert Einstein weren’t smart enough already, he tosses us this gem? This is true in all areas of life: In dating, in work, in friendship and family. It’s everything that the practice of dating optimism is about in a nutshell:

What has happened in your past love life—the breakups you’ve had, the hits you’ve taken, the hearts you’ve broken—is over, but learn from what you can so you can make better, wiser choices in your life going forward. Your present, your life now, is the only one you’ve got; so date, live, laugh, love and make the absolute most of it so you don’t look back with regret that you let it slip through your fingers without appreciating it. And as for that future of yours? Hope for the best. Hope you will meet the absolute love of your life and don’t settle for anything less than a vision for a happy, healthy relationship ahead of you. It’s harder than it looks, but if you can focus on it, even for five minutes right now, Albert was right: Learn, live, hope.

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