“I’ve had a crush on a guy friend of mine, who just kissed me. I read your book and have used the philosophy in my life. Now, being with him is indescribable. I have to pinch myself. I know he and I could really work, I always have. But my question is, now what? What do I do if I think I’ve found my half-orange?” —Lisa

What you do if you think you’ve found your half-orange? You sink into it and enjoy the moment! You enjoy yourself. I like to say that being with your half-orange will feel like you’ve had a soft landing in your living room, that you can put your feet up on the coffee table of the relationship. You no longer have to “try” too hard or act your best or be a certain way to impress this person—you can just be you, because that’s exactly who they want to be around. The more you’re you, the more they love you!

Being with your half-orange is not about questioning but about trusting and letting things fall into place. It’s freeing and fulfilling. You find yourself smiling more in a day because you’re actually happy—and lo and behold, people and your partner want to be a part of your life because you’re so happy. It’s all about being your best self and radiating a self-assuredness and confidence that is natural and ridiculously attractive.

Whatever happens from here, whether this friend of yours is meant to be your partner in love, remember this: There’s a reason for every relationship you have and for every wall you have to climb over. Each person we meet takes us one step closer to the person we’re meant to be for our healthy, half-orange relationship. And eventually, one of those people is your half-orange. I look forward to hearing that you (and others of you!) have indeed found yours.


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