I’m a 41-year old single woman who’s thought a few times I’ve met my Half-Orange. (I was even engaged once but luckily broke it off.) I thought my most recent relationship was my Half-Orange, but it was bad-timing for him (he still needed to get over his divorce). So, what is up with these close calls but never quite right? Of course, I’m worried I’m too old for true love now. Help!

I must first say, No, you crazy loon, you are not too old for true love! 🙂

I know I know I know…it feels that way right now because of your close calls not amounting to anything. But I so truly believe in the idea that each person you date is bringing you one step closer to the right partner for you. And especially if each of these are such close calls, that’s actually a great sign!

When you do meet the right person, it will be clear why this bad-timing relationship wasn’t right at the right time. Maybe it’ll be him, but he’ll be over his divorce. Or maybe it will be someone else and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars this guy wasn’t ready.

My advice: Place a love order from the world. I’d find a place outside or facing outside. Take a deep breath, put a big smile on your face for 20 seconds to cool down your emotional brain, keep breathing, and calm yourself, then think about how ready you SO truly are for a real love to enter your life. Then tell the world just that—that you are ready. Say, “Okay, world, you know what? I’m ready. I’m really really ready for my big love. So please, when you’re ready for us to meet, send him my way fast. And if we’re not ready to meet yet, just send me a sign I’m on the right path. Thank you.” Really feel it all while you do it: boldly asking for what you want, the thank you, the gratefulness. Then smile, exhale, and let the world do your bidding.

It’s your time. I think that as soon as the world really knows you’re ready for it, it can come.


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