“I just picked up your book. This year wasn’t one of my best and I’m committed to do everything to find a long-lasting relationship. After skimming through the book, I’m really excited to start working on the points you bring up, but there is a problem. I’m a guy. Does the advice work for the other half of the population?” —P.

Hi, P,

Yes! It does. I know it seems a little tough to break through the pronouns of me talking straight to women sometimes, and if I could do it all over again, I would speak directly to you men, too. Because the message itself is for everyone—every gender, every age. The most important element is the science, and the science is the same. The impact that we have with our thoughts on our emotional brains and how this affects our body language and the energy we give out and what we get back from people—it’s universal.

I have heard from a couple guys who said they hard a hard time looking past the female-aimed message. But I’ve heard from more who said they were able to filter that stuff out, and it has totally helped. One guy who read it wrote to say that he started doing some of the things in the book one day (he walked to work, went a new route, spoke to people he normally wouldn’t, and worked up an Orange Buzz) and by the time he got home from work that night, two women he liked were calling and texting him and he was freaking out about how it was clearly all about the new energy he was putting out there. He said that  one day after reading the book, he had changed from feeling tired and defeated in dating to being excited and confident. I also had a married guy friend read it and he’s been using the principles for success in work.

So if you’ve had a rough summer and could use a boost in some way and since you already have the book, I think you should give it a shot. Laugh off the parts that are written directly for women (while also, perhaps, gaining a little insight into the female mind about how we feel and think?) and try to take in the neuroscience and the studies from psychologists. It’s powerful, life-changing stuff and I would love for you to have the chance to get to the meat of it and let it start working for you.


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