“Do you mainly write for females or are there guys like me on the fringe looking in? Just curious, but I find I relate to a woman’s perspective in regards to love and life a lot easier than any of the ridiculous advice from my male friends.” —J.

What, puking up the pint of whiskey your friends encouraged you to drink isn’t helping take your mind off that girl, J? Short answer to your question, I write for females and guys. Though I suppose the HOT! PINK! color prevalent on the site might lead you to suspect otherwise. But my background is in working with both women and men: I spent four years editing at Maxim magazine, another three as an editor at Glamour, then I hosted a talk radio show for a couple years on the Sirius Maxim channel…and I’m now using my experience with both genders to write about love and dating universally.

The way I see it, men and women are the alike in two big ways: We both get the lunch scared out of us on the way down the Freefall ride at amusement parks. And we both want to be loved. It’s that simple. And if your guy friends are not up for getting down to the heart of it, then I definitely encourage you to check in here—and with your female friends—to feed the part of you that wants to go a little deeper. We women dig men who are in tune with their emotions and know what they want in a relationship. And I, for one, am happy to help you do that. And I hope my posts speak to you that way.

So any of you other guys out there who think you’re on “the fringe,” just know that I’m here for you, too!

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